Mayor Romulo Galutera, Dupax del Sur:

Ambassador Ramel, who considered me a while ago as a relative, Congressman Carlos Padilla, other distinguished guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

Aside from the farm to market roads as the main thrust of my administration, education and health concerns are by next priorities of the people of dupax del sur. We allotted almost half a million in assistance to the educational sector and this amount is divided among twenty elementary schools and three secondary schools. But such amount is too meager, especially so that most of the schools are situated in the upper barangays. Each school has its own.. needs. However, I like every head of each school to understand the scarcity of funds and instead encourage them to maximize the allotted amount in order to cope with their needs.

When the team of Father Valencia came to my office, informing (me) of the objectives and thrust of the Indigenous Knowledge and Tradition Institute, …municipality, I authomatically gave my full support, … the objective of …, particularly the Bugkalots of Barangays Abaca, Talbec, Ganao and Biruk, and to the Isinai groups of the community and all other IPs of the municipality. Now, I take this opportunity to express my great gratitude to the CICM congregation and to the SMU community to the help extended to my people. Thus, I wish the best therefore for the Indigenous Knowledge and Tradition Institute and to the Most Reverend Father Manuel Valencia for initiating this …project. Good luck and congratulations to the IKAT Institute. Thank you and good morning.


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