Mayor Moises Amokla, Ambaguio:

To our dignitaries… to our beloved congressman, Carlos M. Padilla, to Rev. Fr. Manuel D. Valencia, CICM, President of Saint Mary’s University, and Dr. Henry C. Navarro, Director of the IKAT Institute, and all officers of the SMU community.

We congratulate you for having this IKAT because we need you especially this IKAT in our community especially the highland community. Being one of the Indigenous People, among the Kalanguya Tribe, and that of the Ifugao Tribe.

I, too, extent my greetings to all fellow Indigenous Peoples of Nueva Vizcaya who are gathered here, and with this IKAT Institute … so that the Indigenous Peoples will come up with the proper documentation of their culture and different cultures such as the Kalanguya, the Ibalaoi, the Iwak, and the rest of our different tribes in our community of Nueva Vizcaya.


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